Rhythm is, at its core, a fundamental building block of the universe: Everything in existence has a rhythm, or wavelength; every interaction of beings with each other and their environment can be perceived as a constant flow of complex harmony and polyrhythm. Music is inherently a celebration of this, and a powerful instrument of healing and change.

Will Lone is a Seattle based drummer and improvising artist and has been immersed extensively in music since 1998, cultivating a dimensional and melodic style of drum set playing. He performs regularly in and around Seattle with numerous groups of different styles, and has worked with acclaimed musicians including David Haney, Bill Anschell, Rob Scheps, Nathan Breedlove, Jim O’Connor, Tom Varner, and many others. He is also a member of Gamelan Pacifica, one of the finest ensembles devoted to the performance of music for gamelan in the U.S.

Will found his artistic calling at a young age, and in addition to his music has won awards for both his poetry and visual art. Throughout his early school years Will spent his time playing in jam bands and jazz combos, and in 2009 was awarded Outstanding Performance at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho. In 2010, he spent 6 months in Chennai, India, studying tabla and rhythm, as well as teaching, touring, and recording. Will’s experiences in India opened doors to a blending of his knowledge of jazz, funk, and blues forms with a more worldly and spiritual musical language. Exploring Javanese Gamelan and traditional African drumming has also enhanced his understanding of this language, as well as his awareness of phrasing, tonality, and the deeper levels of rhythmic structure. In 2018 Will graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music from Cornish College of the Arts, where he studied under Chuck Deardorf, Mark Ivester, Jarrad Powell, Dawn Clement and Kofi Anang, as well as with the legendary Denney Goodhew.

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